Today is my father’s birthday. He turns 63 years old. I has bought him a watch. His seiko, which he had bought at Rp 10,000 in 1970,has broken.

“Happy Birthday, Sir?”

“What is it Son?” he asks, curiously, when i am handing over a gray box to him this morning.

“Open it Sir. I hope you will like it.”

“Hahaha….I am curious to know…”

I have never given any gift to him before, even in his B’day. Actually, celebrating birthday is not our family’s tradition.

This morning, I want the old man feels special in his special day….

He opens the box slowly..

“Wow…” His eyes open wide.

“You know Son, my Seiko has broken two years ago…”

“I know sir. That is why I bought it for you to change your Seiko.”

He stays silent and says nothing for a moment. His tears are falling down as he hugs me warmly….

Happy Birthday Dad…