Berth called me last night. As usual, she told me about Jim angrily. She said that she hated him. Jim is not actually her boyfriend. They have become friends for some time but they have no commitment for a more serious relationship.

“I hate him. He makes me very angry from time to time. I swear, I will never call him anymore. It is over,” she remarked, emotionally.

You know, it was not the first time she said that. Usually, she would call me again one week later and said,” I miss him.” Then, they reconciled.

The strange thing is they often make fuss about something unimportant. Their last debate, which was incited by a message, exemplified it well.

Berth sent a sms to Jim, reading “Hi honey, what are you doing now?” Her message was not replied in 30 minutes. Impatient, she sent another one: “Are you too busy to reply my message?”

He replied her last message immediately. “We both are grown up. I don’t think you have to send me a message like that. I am not a child, do I make myself clear?”

Berth got angry and sent a message to him: “I will not send you a message for whatever the reason is and I will not call you anymore.”

Having sent the message, she set her cellular phone off.

“What is wrong with my message? I love him very much. I care about him. I can’t ignore this feeling. I missed him that day and wanted to know what he was doing. Am I wrong?,” she cried.

Is love always meant to hurt each other?

Berth knows how bad Jim is as a man. He often makes love with a prostitute. Jim tells her about it.

One night, he even called Berth only to say, “I am in a hotel and having sex with a prostitute. Don’t be angry. I am doing it because you have never allowed me to have sex with you.”

Berth could say nothing. She called me and cried, bitterly. “Do you think I should give my virginity to him?”

I told her, “Give it to him and you will be a garbage. Berth, leave him. Open your heart, open your mind, open your eyes, the world is not as small as you think.”

I don’t know whether Berth leaves Jim away this time. I am not sure. I am still waiting for her next call. I guess, she would say, “Mbonk, I miss him”, as usual.